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Tribesports - Ruby developer

Tribesports is a technology and sports startup based in the ?Silicon Roundabout? area of East London.

The company has been going for approximately two years, and we launched in June 2011.
Tribesports is a social platform to encourage people to be more active and do more sport. Our main language of choice is Ruby, and the Tribesports website is built in Ruby 1.9.3 and Rails 3. We are looking for smart developers to join our team. We see a lot of job advertisements that are prescriptive of the technologies that candidates have used in the past. Rather than do the same, we are prepared to consider candidates of all levels of experience, even those new to Ruby with experience in another language.

Testing is important to us. We use RSpec for unit tests and Cucumber for integration tests. Our cucumber features are written purely as high-level integration/acceptance tests. We use Git (and GitHub) for version control, Jenkins as for continous integration and we deploy to production several times a day, meaning it?s important for our build to stay green. in You don?t need to be a sports fan to work here; we are focussed on sports participation, not watching sport. However, we do try to keep active as a team, and we have some exercise equipment in the office, including our Bonzini table football table.

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This job was posted April 13, 2012.

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Hoxton, London